Individual Sessions

A quality service is provided to develop the skills of the individual through fun. Via a questionnaire and informal observation, the needs of the individual are assessed and a flexible programme designed, based on those needs and the interests of the participant. The programme is monitored and revised where necessary. Throughout the programme, where possible, individuals are encouraged to create and try out their own strategies for coping with life.

Lego®-based Therapy Sessions

Endorsed by Gina Gómez de la Cuesta

Social and communication skills, and imagination/empathy are difficult for those on the Autistic Spectrum. Using their interest in Lego®, this approach promotes progress in these areas by enabling participants to organise a club. A team approach to building Lego® models is adopted within the club. Each session begins with a group time where individuals are supported in sharing news, dealing with difficulties and choosing who they’ll work with. There are specific roles in each team and each member of the team takes a turn at each role. Adults guide the team in working closely together to achieve their aim. The session ends with a time of play.

This approach has proven to be a fun way of enabling participants to learn how to take part in group settings and how to work with their peers.

Group Sessions

People on the Autistic Spectrum often have difficulty working with their peers. Many of these difficulties can be overcome when common interests are used. We work with group members to improve their social skills, communication skills and imagination/empathy as they participate. Any interest can be used including art, music, drama, engines, electronics and computers to name just a few.

Curriculum for Excellence

Health and Wellbeing are successfully promoted through all that Creatovators CIC does. We work with the participants on their mental, social and emotional health by providing a safe environment where fun and challenging activities take place. Support is given to individuals to find acceptable strategies for dealing with everyday life. This enables them to develop their skills, become more confident, successful and responsible and take part more fully in society.

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