Autism Support in Scotland

Creatovators is a Social Enterprise with a passionate belief that people on the autistic spectrum have a lot to offer. By providing help and support to them, their families, professionals, companies and organisations we are seeing significant success stories as a result of our service-user led, "can do" approach.

Our services, which have grown from a unique blend of training, personal experience and user's input, include LEGO®-based Sessions, monthly playschemes for the whole family, training sessions and professional services such as consultations.


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Strategies for Autism. Strategies for Life.

About Creatovators

We believe that every individual has unique potential and, in a safe environment, can be supported to flourish and grow. With a “can do” approach our work emphasises existing abilities whilst acknowledging there are difficulties faced. We value and build on the strengths within our clients, whether they are individuals, families, small groups, schools or large corporate organisations.

Autism Support and Services

For Families

We understand that living with a child on the autistic spectrum makes family life different. Our services are provided with these differences in mind.

For Companies & Organisations

The benefits of employing someone on the autistic spectrum are becoming more and more apparent. With their diverse way of thinking, these people bring abilities to the market place which have proven to increase productivity, given the right support. Our services enable companies and organisations to provide this support.

For Schools & Professionals

We understand that having children on the autistic spectrum is both rewarding and challenging for all involved. Our services show how it is possible to encourage their potential and deal with the challenges.

Lego®-based Sessions

These Sessions have proven to help people on the autistic spectrum learn many different skills. This model is becoming widely used in the UK as more and more people learn about its benefits. We offer both training and sessions based on the original framework outlined by Daniel B. LeGoff and Gina Gómez de la Cuesta.

Lego®-based Sessions

Using Lego®, participants are encouraged and supported to work in teams of 2 or 3 to build kits, then models of their own design, together. Where participants aren't able to work in teams, we support them on a 1-to-1 basis.

Sessions last between 1 hour and 90 mins. This includes time to gather, when the process is explained, time to build the models in teams and time to play with the models at the end. For more information click here and scroll down.

Lego®-based Session Training

Training workshops cover the process prescribed by Daniel LeGoff, the creator. Workshops can be done in 90 mins, half a day or a full day. The 90 mins covers the basic process and is done in person. The half day and full day can be done online or in person. For more information click here and scroll down.

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