Autism Activities For Companies and Organisations

The benefits of employing someone on the autistic spectrum are becoming more and more apparent. When provided with the necessary support, these diverse individuals bring valuable talents to the marketplace, resulting in greater productivity and innovation. Our services enable companies and organisations to know how to provide the right support.


Autism in the Workplace Training

Our full-day workshop aims to help you understand the positive aspects of the autistic spectrum and its associated attributes. We guide participants from Open Days to Employment Support, all while providing relevant examples.

Outcomes: You will know about:
– Inclusive Recruitment Procedures
– An Inclusive Company Culture
– Autism and Associated Attributes
– Communicating With and Supporting Autistic People
– An Inclusive Lego-based Team Building Exercise.

Cost: £3000 online for up to 20 participants. Add travel and accommodation for up to 20 participants in-house.

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