Autism Services For Companies and Organisations

The benefits of employing someone on the autistic spectrum are becoming more and more apparent. With their diverse way of thinking, these people, given the right support, bring abilities to the market place which have proven to increase productivity and innovation. Our services enable companies and organisations to know how to provide the right support.


Autism in the Workplace Training

Taking a positive viewpoint, this half-day workshop outlines the autistic spectrum and its associated attributes, guiding participants from Open Days to Employment Support. We provide relevant examples.

Cost: £1200 online for up to 20 participants. Add travel and accommodation for up to 20 participants in house.

Consultancy Work

Employing and working with people on the autistic spectrum requires insight into their way of thinking and behaving. In addition, companies and organisations often need to change or add to some of their practices. We will work with a company or organisation to identify people who can provide the right support to those on the spectrum and we will examine current practices to determine appropriate changes.

Cost: £100 per hour online. Add travel and accommodation in house.

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