Free Resources

Lego®-based Therapy Paper

June Grindley, our Autism Practioner, has written an educational article based on her research into Lego®-based Therapy.

Paper on Play and Social Skills Using a Lego®-based Approach

Lego®-based Therapy Demonstration

This is a video of Lego®-based Therapy in action. The intervention was pioneered by Daniel B LeGoff after he saw 2 boys on the autistic spectrum begin to interact over an interest in Lego. The video gives a demonstration of 2 ways to use it.

One-to-One Duplo Play Demonstration

Using some of the principles of Lego®-based Therapy this video demonstrates how it can be adapted for use with pre-school children. June takes on the role of “Designer”, Catriona is the “Builder” and the role of “Supplier” is shared. In Lego®-based Therapy these roles are explicitly defined.

Pastel Play Demonstration

This shows a way of using pastel crayons to help people get in touch with their thoughts or feelings. It’s non-threatening with clear verbal instructions which support the sketcher to produce their own design.