Free Resources

Lego®-based Therapy Paper

June Grindley, our Autism Practioner, has written an educational article based on her research into Lego®-based Therapy.

Paper on Play and Social Skills Using a Lego®-based Approach

Lego®-based Therapy Demonstration

This is a video of Lego®-based Therapy in action. The intervention was pioneered by Daniel B LeGoff after he saw 2 boys on the autistic spectrum begin to interact over an interest in Lego. The video gives a demonstration of 2 ways to use it.

One-to-One Duplo Play Demonstration

Using some of the principles of Lego®-based Therapy this video demonstrates how it can be adapted for use with pre-school children. June takes on the role of “Designer”, Catriona is the “Builder” and the role of “Supplier” is shared. In Lego®-based Therapy these roles are explicitly defined.

Pastel Play Demonstration

This shows a way of using pastel crayons to help people get in touch with their thoughts or feelings. It’s non-threatening with clear verbal instructions which support the sketcher to produce their own design.

Family Fund and the Power Up project

Salena Begley from Family Fund recently came to speak at one of your Playschemes, talking about the grants which are currently being offered to families. She also talked about the Power Up project which helps parents and carers develop the skills to use digital tools for managing money, saving on spending, and accessing benefits and grants. You can find the PowerPoint slides from this talk here and a leaflet about their Power Up project here.