Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Playscheme Run?

Our three Playschemes run monthly from September to June on Saturdays. In Bearsden and Bishopbriggs they are in the mornings and in Kirkintilloch they are in the afternoons.

How busy is the Playscheme?

We have an average of 35 to 45 people attending each month. On a busy day, this can be up to 75.

Is the Playscheme suitable for people who are non-verbal?

Yes, we have people who are non-verbal, but we are not equipped for people with significant support needs.

Do you have to have a diagnosis of autism?

We take people who are going through the process of diagnosis as well as those who have one.

Do you work with adults?

We have “You Are Not Alone” Sessions for adults from the point of referral and beyond. These sessions also support Parents and Carers of children from the point of referral.

Our Buildovators Plus Project is for people aged 11 plus and we also provide a small number of volunteering opportunities for autistic adults.

Is your Lego®-based Training the original one?

The simple answer to this is ‘Yes’. However, our team are flexible and will take into account the needs of the person.

What is different about your training?

We like to take a positive view whilst being realistic about the difficulties faced by people on the autistic spectrum.

Why do you use ‘on the autistic spectrum’?

We follow the guidance from the National Autistic Society to use identity first language as many people feel their autism is a fundamental part of their identity.

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