What People Say

“Great initiative run by a great team.”  (Playscheme parent)

“She was scared of her diagnosis and thought it was an illness. She now sees she is not different.” (Playscheme parent)

‘X’ “has made a friend who he has visited outwith Creatovators. Making friends can be difficult for him so this is wonderful.” (Playscheme parent)

I have benefitted from “speaking with others and having an environment where they can play and be themselves without being judged.” (Playscheme parent)

“Lots of useful info” (Playscheme parent)

I have enjoyed “making a friend”. (Playscheme child)

I have enjoyed “crafts and doing my own thing”. (Playscheme child)

I have enjoyed “different activities”. (Playscheme child)

I have enjoyed “Lego”. (Playscheme child)

“June is very caring and calm natured. She has been having regular sessions with my son for a few years now and her advice and support are always well received by him, he loves their sessions.  My son had a period where he really struggled mentally and her support and chats with him during that time were invaluable, not just for him but for me too. She has helped him to cope better in a school environment and has provided him with a little list with strategies, strategies which they have discussed and came up with together, he is always included one way or another. I highly recommend Creatovators, I can’t thank them enough for all June has done for us so far. Long may the sessions with my son continue, I honestly can’t imagine our life without her!” (Parent of 1-to-1 client)

“I like talking to June, we have lots of fun. She gives me advice and it helps me.” (1-to-1 client)

“Excellent workshop offering theory, guidance and practical approaches to Lego®-based play. This will greatly inform teaching and learning in our school.” (School Teacher)

“Very clear and informative with lots of strategies of how to adapt the training to learners with different needs.” (Special Needs Teacher)

“Good mixture of slides, practical & video activities. June was excellent at answering any questions asked by the participants.”(ELCaT Teacher)

“Interesting session and very informative. Will definitely use the new techniques we have learned with our daughter. Thank you!” (Parent)

“Thanks for the session you did yesterday. I found it very informative and insightful. What I particularly like was that you approached it from a can do perspective…” (Skills Development Scotland Manager)


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